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How to Throw Your Own Flower Crown Making Party

Love throwing DIY parties... or just any chance for delicious apps and champagne?  Bloom bars and flower crown stations are a great addition to any event or special occasion. It makes a creative giveaway, activity, and craft. It's also a great branding tool for corporate events and fundraisers. Here are a few steps and what you will need to host you own floral crown dinner party!

1. What you will need for the flower crowns!

  • Floral wire - like this + wire cutter 
  • Scissors - I like to use colorful or antique scissors depending on the color theme - like this
  • Floral clippers - like this
  • Floral Tape - like this
  • Craft wire - I have been loving gold wire - like this
  • Seasonal flowers - you can get the flowers of your choice delivered on our website with our bloom bar package or stop by your local bodega (Trader Joes is another great option). 
  • Ribbon of your choice - can be found online at Michaels or in store

2. Bar Cart - this is optional - an island or counter top will do just fine.

I love this bar cart because it is portable and easy to transfer from indoor to outdoor. Accessorize your bar cart or counter area with smilax vine, flowers clippers, vases, champagne glasses, a DIY sign + the materials you will need (mentioned above). Mason jars make great vases and material organizers!

3. Dinner Party Style Setup!

Separately setup small stations per person with a place setting: craft wire, scissors, trays - like this(this helps keep clippings and messes contained and easy to clean up) & tape so each guest has room to design their own crown. Place some flower vases in the middle of the table for easy access with others on the bar cart.

4. There Ain't No Party Like A Bubbly Party!

Have some bubbly, wine or a speciality drink to match the season! I love options like Moscow Mules, Holiday Libations, Rosé for the summer and red wine for the fall or winter!

Custom glass rings or name tags are a great way to personalize your party!

Add hors d'oeuvres or sweet treats- small bites are a great way to allow for crafting and eating!

Flower Crown How To! 

Step 1. Approx 25" of craft gold wire for the base of the crown will be needed- measure this around your head for an accurate fit and cut your piece. Bend the two ends into little loops - use the tape to close up the loops and cover up any wire edges

Step 2. Cut the flowers one at a time at about 1.5" long. Cut the next flower after steps 3 and 4 and repeat so that each bloom is drinking for as long as possible

Step 3. After cutting the flower so that the stem is about 1.5" long , take your flower, place it against the craft wire with the stem on the inside and the bloom facing outward, take the floral wire and wrap it around the stem a few times until it is secured

Step 4. Secure the wired bloom with a piece of tape to cover any sharp edges from the floral wire

Step 5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 5 until the crown is covered

Step 6. Loop the ribbon through each ending loop at the back of the crown - place the crown above your head and tie the ribbon into a bow above your head like a crown or under your hair to make it a flower headband


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