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4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Holiday Tablescape

We love any excuse to host a dinner party and create something beautiful for loved ones and special guests! The holiday season is the perfect time for hosting and getting in the decorating spirit. Follow along as we create the perfect Winter Holiday tablescape!

Tip #1To start make sure you pick an appropriate color scheme to go along with the tablescape. You can play off of the silverware and tabelware that you already have. Think of your color palette as your game plan! 

Tip #2 Now, let's think of some decor! It is always important to look at the decor you want to use first so everything flows seamlessly in the end. Pillar candles, reindeer, Menorahs these are all great things to add to your holiday tablescape.  

Reindeers and festive items can be found at Hobby Lobby or Jamali Garden at the NYC Flower Market

  • Pick your statement piece to play off, for instance - I used this reindeer as a starting point because it was something I was immediately drawn to and new I wanted on the table.
  • Groups of three or uneven numbers are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye so keep this in mind when it comes to creating little moments on your table with candles and other decor items. 
  • Add varying height components for depth
  • Personalize your seating with name cards/menus, making your guests feel special is always important!

Tip #3
Next, can’t forget the flowers! You can always elevate your tablescape by adding flowers to the center. You can get as creative as you would like here by adding some small flowers to the napkins to really bring it all together. Incorporate real flowers the day of with your faux staples!

This faux garland can be found on

holiday tablescape

  • This garland for instance is faux and great to keep out all season long. we added these gold painted roses to elevate the tablescape for the day of. 
  • Add one large centerpieces for the center and smaller bud vases on each side for more pop


Tip #4
The most important tip of them all is to make sure to have fun! Call your friends and family, pour some wine or even Hot Cocoa, and make it a celebration. 


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17 December, 2018

Maria zimmet

That’s absolutely gorgeous.. so proud of you ..

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